Elevating your experience

Supravis Oy

Supravis Oy is a pioneer in the elevator industry, whose goal is to ensure the best possible user experience for elevators, for example by implementing the overall look of elevators to best suit the needs of property owners and users. If necessary, we can implement a lift whose visual appearance matches, for example, the overall appearance of the property. We can also “brand” the elevator to support the corporate image.


We also carry out maintenance and technical improvements to our elevators, which are usually invisible to elevator users.

We have the know-how and the right to make licensed elevator installations. We operate professionally and innovatively in accordance with the requirements of the elevator industry.


Supravis Oy has implemented more than 2,000 KONE Corporation elevator installation projects throughout Finland. For example, elevator installations, elevator demolitions, modernizations, elevator experience enhancements, i.e. visual enhancements to the visible part of the elevator.