Elevating your experience


Hissi-Design Finland is forerunner in this specific elevator business. Company aims to provide the best possible user experience. We implement the overall look of elevators to best suit the needs of property owners and users. If necessary, we can carry out  an elevator which visual appearance matches, for example, the overall appearance of the property.

In addition to previous Hissi-Design Finland can perform lift  repairs and technical improvements. These actions are typically invisible to the user. 

This is made possible by the fact that we have the know-how and the right to make elevator installations subject to authorization. We operate professionally and innovatively in accordance with the requirements of the elevator industry.

There are many ways to improve the user experience in the elevator, including different materials, images, colors, lighting, displays, and sound. Combining all of these can create a more comfortable, secure, and informative user experience. The color and picture choices can bring a changing look to the elevators, although seasonally.

Elevator-Design app

In 2019, we released an Android app that lets you design the visual look of your lift or elevator using a color chart, pictures, or a photo of yourself to create the right decor. It is possible to visualize all surfaces. You can email the completed template for follow-up.

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