Elevating your experience

Ideas and implementations

Over the years, we have got the opportunities to participate in different kinds of projects. The pictures below demonstrate some of the solutions we’ve arrived at and the ways we have carried them out.


The lift has been redesigned to reproduce the restaurant’s graphic appearance. Scandic Hotels, Restaurant Más Helsinki, Simonkatu 9.

Before After ennen1jälkeen1
Before After ennen2jälkeen2

Office building

The refurbished surfaces and lighting were accompanied by a harmonious cityscape reflected in the mirror of the side wall. Hämeentie 19, Helsinki.

Office building

Elevator surfaces and lighting have been redesigned as a result of technical improvements. Ristipellontie 16, Helsinki.

Before After ennen3jälkeen3

When it comes to elevator experience, there isn’t much we can’t make happen. Tell us your craziest ideas, and together we can figure out the way to the best possible results.