Elevating your experience


Hissi-Design Finland will turn your elevator into an experience that is both remarkable and safer than before. We are experts in elevator technology – forerunners, who can truly elevate your experience. 

Is your elevator boring? We will create a view of the city on the walls or make northern lights appear on the ceiling.

Is your elevator not functional? We will improve the user experience with, for instance, better lighting, more functional floor material, and added comforts such as screens or railings.

Does your elevator require updating or protection? We have both the skills and the right to conduct regulated elevator installations and technical changes, for instance during renovations.

Give those who use your elevator a whole new experience. Ask us for more information!

Hissi-Design app

With the Android app that we have launched, you can plan the visual look of the elevator with a map of colors, pictures, or a photograph you have taken yourself. You can design the decorations yourself, and you can visualize every surface. Send us the finished design, ad we will make you an offer!